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About us

Tawafuq Medical

Who are we?
Tawafuq Medical is a rapidly growing company who has established themselves in Jeddah. The company developed through the requests of individuals wanted to pursue various medical treatments confidently both in and out of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The company founders discovered a distinct opening in the market of Medical Tourism here in Jeddah and through this Tawafuq Medical is building a reputation for a professional solution to meet these needs.

As more and more people seek the security of a specialist company to assist in the planning and organisation of an entire healthcare journey, our destination list is ever growing. If you do not find what you are looking for on our website please do not hesitate to contact us.
Tawafuq medical is one of the leaders of Medical Tourism in the Middle East. Our mission is to be dedicated in providingour patientswith the mostadvanced healthcare system in the world. We are committed to this by providingthe best available treatment and delivering consistently safe, high quality and cost-effective care.
Our vision is to become the most recognised and preferred facilitator in the field of Medical Tourism. We aim to achieve this by providing an excellent integrated healthcare solution,whilst maintaining transparency, integrity, efficiency and productivity in our service.
  1. To provide a healthcare that combines a pleasurable experiencewith a broad spectrum,
    cost-effective, global medical service.
  2. To participate in the worldwide healthcare industry including technically proven
    and economically viable solutions.
  3. Striving to turn your health into our success.
  1. Provide clients with cost effective and efficient services
    whilst maintaining the highest standard of care.
  2. Provide best quality healthcare or diagnostic services
    for patients both inbound and outbound of Saudi Arabia
  3. Focus on promoting a professional secured environment and location
T = Trust
A = Accountability
W = Well-being
A = Attention to Detail
F = Flexible
U = Unique
Q = Quality


For more information please contact us at:

Tawafuq Medical Service Center
Phone Number: +966-557 888 020
Address: 50602, Jeddah 21533 KSA
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